A statement from Douglas Lyons,Founder and Director of the Next Wave Initiative

Our nation is currently mourning, while simultaneously healing itself. In times like these I always look towards a solution; a way to pave a path towards America's future. The Next Wave Initiative allows the conversations around "Broadway equality" to become action. This program will fight to erase the ugliness of our past, while investing in the future of our profession. 

Mission Statement: 

The Next Wave Initiative is a developmental branch of The Directors Company, committed to amplifying future Black voices in The American Theatre. 


All proceeds from the Virtual Reading will directly benefit The Next Wave Initiative, a new developmental branch of The Directors Company committed to amplifying future Black voices in The American Theatre through scholarships and community engagement. 

Janet Hubert, best known to television audiences as “Aunt Viv” on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, will star as Baneatta Mabry in a virtual reading of Douglas Lyons' family comedy, CHICKEN AND BISCUITS. Baneatta and Beverly attempt to put their sisterly differences aside to bury their father, Bernard. All is well at the funeral until it's revealed that Bernard had not just two daughters, but three. Wig pins loosen, as truths emerge, leaving this African-American family to confront their skeletons head on; naturally with lots of love, shade, and prayer along the way. The world premiere of CHICKEN AND BISCUITS opened at Queens Theatre on March 6, 2020, closing early due to the Covid-19.


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